Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time-Capsules installed, or moved, to date in 2013

The year 2013 has already been the most active year for vault installations, and it's not over yet! For the first time a vault had to be moved due to building re-modeling.  This was at Browne Middle School.  Since vaults are bolted to the floor that involved opening the vault, removing all the letters and shelving, loosening the bolts so the vault could be removed from the location, and sheering off the bolts in floor level.
T. W. Browne Middle School Time-Capsule
The Browne Middle School Time-Capsule was then moved to a new location, just outside the front office and in a good location passed by all students several times a day. It was then bolted once again into the concrete foundation. If a toronado ever destroyed one of these schools, the 500-pound vault would remain fastened to the foundation.

To date in 2013 there have been three Time-Capsule installations of new vaults.  The first was at Rosemont K-8 school:
Rosemont K-8 Time-Capsule
The first 8th grade class will be in 2015.
The Time-Capsule project started in 2005.  It is rather symbolic to now have a time-capsule with the first year being 2015. Rosemont is transitioning into a K-8 school with this years 6th grade going forward to be that first 8th grade class, in 2015.  

The next installation was at Atwell Middle School. Atwell teachers had already had students planning for the future and writing their letters for the vault.  Therefore there are letters already on the 2013 shelf.  (Note: due to the national demand for vaults there is a normal month or more delay for installation.)
W. H. Atwell Middle School Time-Capsule

South Oak Cliff High School was the next installation:

South Oak Cliff High School Time Capsule

Lobby at South Oak Cliff High School with Time-Capsule

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