Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Christmas Present for Your School 2017

The most valuable Christmas present you could give your local school is to introduce them to the School Time Capsule Project and, if they agree, purchase a $775 vault, now on sale until 12-17-17 at Costco online. This is the 43 cubic foot vault on sale:
This vault would go into the lobby of the school, or another high student traffic location so the maximum number of students see it daily. Ten shelves would need to be installed inside the vault for 10 years worth of letters from parents, relatives, and students.  They would be writing valued stories in these letters from family history and dreams for the future with plans for achieving those dreams.

Such reflecting on history and planning for the future has helped create the highest performing middle schools among the 33 middle schools in Dallas ISD. See blog posting below. The Time Capsule Project has now been approved by DISD to be used from 3rd through 12th grade for helping students focus on their futures and know their past.

Bill Betzen 

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