Wednesday, February 26, 2020

School Time Capsule Project Manual, 2-24-2020

Here are four links to directions for each age group using the School Time Capsule Project. 

1) Recruiting Time Capsule Postmasters to make project possible:

2) Elementary School (Pk-5) Recommendations:

3) Middle School (
6-8) Recommendations:

4) High School (
9-12) Recommendations:

Starting a School Time Capsule Project does not require the 43 cubic ft inside space, 700-pound vault recommended, usually online at Costco,  Just now, (2-26-20) I could not find the type vault we have purchased 9 of over the past 2 years, but vaults available at Costco change often.  Vaults can be secured many places. A vault with 40 cubic feet inside space is recommended, unless the class size in your school is significantly below 200. The extra space is rarely a problem.

The vault is both a place to store the letters and a symbol of how truly valuable planning for the future and studying family history are. As students pass the vault daily they may be reminded of the letters inside from their loved ones, and plans they have in the vault as well as updates they may be planning.

This goal setting process helps students improve their own lives more than just about anything else.  Only our students can make it all work.  That is the power of the message.  This is their future built on their work.

Questions are welcome.  

Bill Betzen

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